About me

Advisor/consultant in strategic communication, international engagement and stabilisation, multi-media journalist and trainer. Previous contracts include United Nations, African Union, Israeli and Somali governments, NATO and UK government. Extensive experience worldwide of assessing, writing and advising on communication plans, their effects and how messaging can be used to influence behaviour, as well as building relationships and coordinating between stakeholders in delicate international environments. Video-journalist, formerly deputy foreign news editor and reporter at Sky News. Bilingual graduate in English and French Law, with military background and foreign languages. Deployments in civilian and military roles include Bosnia, Kosovo, Oman, Czech Republic and most recently Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia and the Palestinian Territories.

One thought on “About me

  1. Comment, discuss, criticise away on the issues and subjects raised in blogs and posts. Look forward to lively discussion and interesting arguments, but as said before please do it on specific articles and issues. Comments about what kind of person I am are inappropriate, ill-informed and really not particularly interesting.

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